Friday, January 18, 2013

2012 in review

Since I slacked the last few years I thought I would throw these out and maybe blog again. Here ya go ma, these are for you~

Bees and homeschooling

Homeschooling with bees

Pumpkin field trip

Homeschooling field trips are the best

Dad teaching them about sopapillas

Nothing sexier than a man grinding your wheat for ya.

Full of turdness



zOmBiE madness

Doesn't care for Halloween costumes

ARGH! MATEY! I'll cut your head off.

Voting Republican!

Always building something

Fire House field trip

playing with pomegranates

Webelos Hike

Foam sword making class. I love the younger two running away in this picture.

Lessons learned, never trust daddy with your brothers handcuffs.

He has to have girl time somewhere!

Family Corpus time Josh & Libs

Great Grandma time
Jacob throwing the shells back

Younger 2 decided the water is too cold for them in the month of October. Totally Texans.

Beach time

Daddy water time

JD before the cold hit him.

Potty training the last one. Do have to say it is very sad knowing no more babies for us.

Homeschooling outdoors with friends

Learning things I never knew I wanted to know. Skinning and gutting deers.

Crazy one

One that ALWAYS is taking pictures of himself on my phone.

Manual labor time, bringing the deers around. Work them muscles boy!

Helping me can the oranges. Peel them faster!

Stole my nephews for a bit. Snuck in some Santa time.

Great to be 8!

Younger one is against Santa. JD barely tolerated this, only for the candy cane he handed out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OLM Giveaway

primitives by olde lady morgan
I love giveaways, but especially from talented people 
where I wish I had their talent. 
 Yesterday's post featured the cutest witch and 
I sooo love the look of it. 
Today I am featuring another lady who is crafty as well. 
Check out her giveaway at

I had to check her blog out because she calls herself 
an "Olde Lady" but then I saw that she is ONLY
10 years older then myself.  Hhhhmmmm...
SO Olde Lady Morgan you are NOT old, 
and neither am I!  ;)
Part of entering for her giveaway was posting 
what makes MY heart skip a beat. 
I love my God, my family and when I actually have time, crafting!!
Here is my tribute in pictures~

I love this picture of Christ Resurrected by Harry Anderson

My handsome hubby holding our newest. 
He works so hard for our family and I am so proud of him!

 We need to update the fam pics but here is all 4 of my boys together after the newest was born.

 My two younger "sharing" J's toys.

Me and 3 of my crazy boys (one was napping)

 These are some artwork display boards I made 
and I love the custom look. 

Made this for the older 2's room and I love it!
Now head over and enter the giveaway yourself!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 blurred right by

I have not blogged since last year and we are almost half way through this year... Sad. So, this post is pretty much for my mom and mom-in-law since I don't post too many pics on facebook either. Here is 2010 in fast forward Swain style...

In January we took a tour of Inner Space Caverns, in Georgetown, TX, and had a blast!

Cool cavern picture

Hard to see in this picture~ after the tour we let the boys mine for fun. They had a blast, daddy loved teaching them about the semiprecious stones they found, and fun was had by all. We highly recommend Inner Space Caverns. They do have some fun tours for more adventurous souls without kids.

We had SNOW!! The boys were able to play for a few minutes before school.

More snow fell while they were at school

JD stayed where you put him
Jeremy Daniel turned 6 months (not sure what the laser light is). Outfit from Rosemary Procer.

Now he crawls EVERYWHERE
Brotherly love {in the form of wrestling} starts early

He thinks he's big now sitting in the restaurant highchair

Jerald had a mad science bday party (the trash bags are really "lab coats")
Volcano science-y stuff

Watching mentos interact with diet coke

8! Where did time goooooo?

Uncle Justin came to visit

Our 3 sons

JD learned to sit up 7 mos
So the first few months of 2010~
Jd grew more spunky

Gary grew a little more

Jerald grew a little
And, yes, it's true the older I get~ the more I look like my mom