Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 blurred right by

I have not blogged since last year and we are almost half way through this year... Sad. So, this post is pretty much for my mom and mom-in-law since I don't post too many pics on facebook either. Here is 2010 in fast forward Swain style...

In January we took a tour of Inner Space Caverns, in Georgetown, TX, and had a blast!

Cool cavern picture

Hard to see in this picture~ after the tour we let the boys mine for fun. They had a blast, daddy loved teaching them about the semiprecious stones they found, and fun was had by all. We highly recommend Inner Space Caverns. They do have some fun tours for more adventurous souls without kids.

We had SNOW!! The boys were able to play for a few minutes before school.

More snow fell while they were at school

JD stayed where you put him
Jeremy Daniel turned 6 months (not sure what the laser light is). Outfit from Rosemary Procer.

Now he crawls EVERYWHERE
Brotherly love {in the form of wrestling} starts early

He thinks he's big now sitting in the restaurant highchair

Jerald had a mad science bday party (the trash bags are really "lab coats")
Volcano science-y stuff

Watching mentos interact with diet coke

8! Where did time goooooo?

Uncle Justin came to visit

Our 3 sons

JD learned to sit up 7 mos
So the first few months of 2010~
Jd grew more spunky

Gary grew a little more

Jerald grew a little
And, yes, it's true the older I get~ the more I look like my mom


63tbpatti said...

Is looking like your mom a bad thing? (snicker)There was a show that I used to watch and enjoyed called "My Three Sons."

Bennett, Katie, & Co. said...

Your Mom must be gorgeous then!!!

ACDC2005 said...

Love all the pictures! The boys are getting so big! Jerald's birthday looked like so much fun, and I love Gary's vogue pose. JD will be walking before you know it! Love you guys!

Cindy said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.