Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OLM Giveaway

primitives by olde lady morgan
I love giveaways, but especially from talented people 
where I wish I had their talent. 
 Yesterday's post featured the cutest witch and 
I sooo love the look of it. 
Today I am featuring another lady who is crafty as well. 
Check out her giveaway at

I had to check her blog out because she calls herself 
an "Olde Lady" but then I saw that she is ONLY
10 years older then myself.  Hhhhmmmm...
SO Olde Lady Morgan you are NOT old, 
and neither am I!  ;)
Part of entering for her giveaway was posting 
what makes MY heart skip a beat. 
I love my God, my family and when I actually have time, crafting!!
Here is my tribute in pictures~

I love this picture of Christ Resurrected by Harry Anderson

My handsome hubby holding our newest. 
He works so hard for our family and I am so proud of him!

 We need to update the fam pics but here is all 4 of my boys together after the newest was born.

 My two younger "sharing" J's toys.

Me and 3 of my crazy boys (one was napping)

 These are some artwork display boards I made 
and I love the custom look. 

Made this for the older 2's room and I love it!
Now head over and enter the giveaway yourself!


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Oh my a wonderful filled my heart skips a beat post!! thanks so much for joining in!!! There is nothing better then the art work of the little ones!!!
"the Olde Lady" started as a joke and so took on it's own life.... OLM